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A complex vitamin B product which contains all essential group B vitamins. It increases the general resistance and stress tolerance of animals. It can be used favourably in cases of deficient vitamin synthesis following antibiotic therapy. By its use, vitamin B deficiency manifesting itself in decreased production and impaired appetite can be corrected....

Tetrav it AD3E Forte

Owing to its high concentrations of vitamins A-, D3 - and E, the product strengthens the resistance of animals to infectious diseases. It supports normal feathering, the healthy development of bones and normal cardiac function. The product is excellently suitable for enhancing the general re-sistance of animals. In growing animals, it is recommended for use once or twice monthly as a treatment course. When administered to pregnant female animals in the last third of gestation, the product increases the general resistance of the newborn animals, improves the regeneration of postparturient female animals, supports reconception, and shortens the service period....


The product is indicated for supporting the antioxidant system of animals, for increasing their stress tolerance and for the prevention and treatment of reproductive disturbances associated with vitamin E deficiency. Selenium, which is a constituent of an enzyme playing a key role in the antioxidant system, and vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, protect cells from the harmful effects of peroxides. Their deficiency primarily leads to degenerative changes of the myocardium, the skeletal muscles and the wall of blood vessels (skeletal muscle degeneration, encephalomalacia, exudative diathesis)....


A complex vitamin B product to facilitate utilisation of the young-age growth capacity of farm animals of high growth rate. In laying hens, it helps lengthen the egg production cycle and reduces the severity of diseases and toxicoses of dietary origin. By the regular use of the product the liver damage of intensively pro-ducing farm animals can be prevented. The product increases the resistance of the liver to hepato-toxic effects. Through its hepatoprotective effect, the product supports the prevention and treatment of ketosis in dairy cows....


A microelement complex that supports enzyme reactions in the body and cartilage development in animals of a high growth rate. Its use is recommended after placement and in case of locomotor problems (extremital abnormalities caused by microelement deficiencies in poultry and turkeys, thickening of joints, hyperkeratosis, anaemia, developmental disturbances). Regular use of the product increases egg production, fertility and hatchability. When using the product, the microelement content of the diets fed to the birds must be taken into consideration..

Norovit thermo

A product suitable for preventing the adverse effects of heat stress. Its constituents support the thermoregulation of animals. Heat stress damages the antioxidant system, and an elevated vitamin E and selenium level is needed to counter this effect. Heat shock results in a higher water and water-soluble vitamin loss for the organism, and there-fore the supplementation of vitamins of group B is absolutely necessary. In addition, vitamins B support the animals’ metabolism. Niacinamide participates in almost all enzymatic processes as a transmitter, as a signalling compound or as an energy-supplying compound....


To support liver function, especially in flocks and herds of intensive growth rate. The product enhances the detoxifying capacity of the liver by introducing into the body methyl donors such as methionine or choline chloride. Like choline, inositol has a ‘fat burning’ effect, it prevents the deposition of fats in the liver and accelerates their excretion. Vitamins of the B group provide energy for the body by supporting the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats....

Norovit Amino Forte

A combination of essential amino acids and vitamins. It enhances muscle building and weight gain. Its use is recommended after placement to achieve higher constitutional strength and to pre-vent the adverse effects of stress due to movement and vaccination of the animals....


A combined multivitamin product to be used for vitamin supplementation in farm animals of any age and species, in order to correct vitamin deficiency caused by stress occurring at the time of placement and feed change. Owing to its composition, Jolovit is suitable for ensuring optimum vitamin supply, which is a precondition of adequate production performance. It reduces the negative effects of stress, improves the viability of young animals and the hatchability of eggs, and accelerates recovery after diseases....

Soluselen injection

Prevention of skeletal and heart muscle abnormalities in young lambs, and prevention and treatment lack of selenium caused by insufficent selenium content of feed....


Alpha-Vet Ltd. develops, manufactures and continuously improves portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed supplements, pet food and plant nutrition products. As a result of our innovative investments, a GMP certificated veterinary pharmaceutical factory, GMP+ cerificated feed supplements factory and a plant nutrion factory..

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  • A wild range of veterinary pharmaceutical products. Oral and external use, tablets as well and a new generation of medicinal premixes to mix with the forage: the more modern form of granulated fluids. 
  • A wild range of feed supplements. Our liquid vitamins and feed supplements fulfil all the requirements of healthy feed additives. Due to their unique composition and chelated new active ingredients they provide solutions for novel animal health challenges.
  • A wild range of plant nutrition products. These products are a natural and economical alternative to conventional fertilization and plant protection technologies.
  • Significant expertise in the nutrition of pets ensuring appropriate balance of nutrients in pet food produced as well as minimal risk of nutritional related diseases.


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