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In regulation (EC) No 1831/003 the Scientific Steering Committee the European Food Safety Authority stated its opinion that: "regarding the use of antimicrobials as growth promoting agents, the use of agents from classes which are or may be used in human or veterinary medicine should be phased out as soon as possible and ultimately abolished".

The European Union keeps aggravating the maximal number of microelements intakable by feedstock. Due to consequences of intensive cultivation the natural balance of nutrient mineral substance in soils more and more often gets upset. Regarding our symptomes, also known as diseases peculiar to civilised communities, (stress, allergy and more frequent viral contagions) we can observe an obvious decrease in the microelement level of our plants, that of our animals and in their human consumers.

As the minium law of Justus von Liebig states "a plant's development is limited by the one essential mineral that is in the relatively shortest supply".

Livestock breeding in 21th century is pushing their biological envelopes. Abuse of antibiotics is a recent challenge in livestock production that compromises not only their effectiveness but humane health and the environment too. One health, one world concept puts a strong emphasis on prevention, since it is better than cure proper use of feed supplements are necessary. This revelation of 21st century as well as decades of veterinary experience drove Alpha-Vet Ltd. to build a new factory unit for producing alternatives of antimicrobials. Our liquid and solid feed supplements fulfil all the requirements of safe feed additives. Due to their unique composition and chelatized new active ingredients they provide solutions for novel animal health challenges.


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Feed supplements


Feed supplements



Alpha-Vet Ltd. develops, manufactures and continuously improves portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed supplements, pet food and plant nutrition products. As a result of our innovative investments, a GMP certificated veterinary pharmaceutical factory, GMP+ cerificated feed supplements factory and a plant nutrion factory..

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  • A wild range of veterinary pharmaceutical products. Oral and external use, tablets as well and a new generation of medicinal premixes to mix with the forage: the more modern form of granulated fluids. 
  • A wild range of feed supplements. Our liquid vitamins and feed supplements fulfil all the requirements of healthy feed additives. Due to their unique composition and chelated new active ingredients they provide solutions for novel animal health challenges.
  • A wild range of plant nutrition products. These products are a natural and economical alternative to conventional fertilization and plant protection technologies.
  • Significant expertise in the nutrition of pets ensuring appropriate balance of nutrients in pet food produced as well as minimal risk of nutritional related diseases.


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