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- Blocks the absorption of several RNS and DNS virus,
- Has antibacterial, and fungicid effects,
- Helps microelement uptake,
- Participates in biochemical processes of the immune system,
- Catalysizes the cellural energy producing processes.

- Specular complex-forming capacity is larger than that of syntethic chelate formers,
- Its strong chemisorbtive molecules can inactivate poisons/toxicants,
- They form stronger complexes with metals of a bigger molecular weight and evacuate toxic heavy metals,
- It's appetitive, stops vomit and diarrhea. As a result of the abovementioned effects it directly and indirectly strengthens the immune system,
- Due to its oestrogenetic effect it increases fertilisation effeciency and the number of live birth.

Our major results:

- Enhances weaning weight, balanced litters,
- Decease mortality and use of medicines,
- Prevents and stops diarrhoeal illnesses,
- Improved feed utilization,
- Improved fertIlity percentage,
- Binds toxicants,
- Strengthens bone system and feathers,
- Absorbs ammonia smell,
- Makes Salmonella infection sparser,
- Reduces stress sensitivity,
- Induces sufficient blood Fe content.

- Rarely occurs abortion, placenta retention and Obturator nerve paralysis,
- Stimulates uterine involution, has a positive effect on oestrus, improves the fertilization index, facilitates fetal attachment, increases the number of live births,
- Reduces calving interval,
- Increases milk yield,
- Reduces incidence of latent and subclinical mastitis, and somatic cell number reduction is expected,
- Reduces the production reducing effects of heat stress,
- Reduces incidence of footboard disease,
- Strengthens the immune system.




Alpha-Vet Ltd. develops, manufactures and continuously improves portfolio of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed supplements, pet food and plant nutrition products. As a result of our innovative investments, a GMP certificated veterinary pharmaceutical factory, GMP+ cerificated feed supplements factory and a plant nutrion factory..

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  • A wild range of veterinary pharmaceutical products. Oral and external use, tablets as well and a new generation of medicinal premixes to mix with the forage: the more modern form of granulated fluids. 
  • A wild range of feed supplements. Our liquid vitamins and feed supplements fulfil all the requirements of healthy feed additives. Due to their unique composition and chelated new active ingredients they provide solutions for novel animal health challenges.
  • A wild range of plant nutrition products. These products are a natural and economical alternative to conventional fertilization and plant protection technologies.
  • Significant expertise in the nutrition of pets ensuring appropriate balance of nutrients in pet food produced as well as minimal risk of nutritional related diseases.


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