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Sows need an especially good health state during the pregnancy and suckling periods. Preventive application of our products results in effective and economic solutions for the following problems:

- Improves general health state of sows
- Improves milk production, Iron (Fe) and other micronutrient content of milk
- Increases the live birth rate and vitality as well as the weight of newborn piglets
- Improves the even weight of the litter
- Increases the Iron (Fe) and other micronutrient content of the blood
- Improves the immune system
- Povents iron deficiency caused by anemia of newborn piglets
- Decreases the application costs of medicines
- Improves the fertility of sows, better reproduction figures

Recommended products: VITAPOL powder
APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses)
VITAPOL powder: Mix 0,5-1% VITAPOL continuously into the sow feed from the weaning period e special requirements of our partners.

The health state of piglets is especially important. Piglets weaned with a strong immune system grow faster and avoidance of diseases can be achieved. It is important to emphasize the future demand for the solution of oral-iron supply of newborn piglets.

Until weaning: The application of our products gives effective solutions for the following problems:

- Improves general health state and vitality of piglets
- Increases live birth weight and even weight within the litter
- Prevents iron deficiency symptoms and anemia of newborn piglets
- Improves immune system and prevents the so called "weaning stress"
- Improves the development of healthy intestinal flora
- Decreases mortality
- Decreases the application costs of medicines

Recommended products: VITAPOL powder
APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses)
VITAPOL powder: Mix 1,0% VITAPOL into the first feed.
After weaning: Micronutrients that are bonded to humic substances are absorbed continuously. One part of humic substances (larger molecules) cannot be absorbed so they are bonded to the wall of the intestinal system therefore they are able to help the continuous uptake of micronutrients and minerals. Other parts of humic substances (smaller molecules) are absorbed into the circulation system. This complex mechanism of humic substances results in complex vital effects like antiviral, immune system enhancer, detoxifier and mineral complexer.

Results to expect:
- Improves immune system
- Prevents digestive and stress problems caused by feed change
- Impoves feed utilization and weight gain
- Prevents and cures anemia and related diseases
- Decreases mortality
- Decreases breeding time
- Inactivates and removes toxins from the intestinal system
- Decreases ammonia smell
- Decreases application costs of medicines
- Results in an even-weight of piglets

Recommended products: VITAPOL powder, VITAPOL-Zn2, VITAPOL-Cu1

In our practice we have had experience in the prevention and cure of the after-weaning diseases of the intestinal and respiratory organs (E.coli, dysentery, intestinal inflammations, and edema). Therefore, we suggest our VITAPOL based Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) enriched products (VITAPOL -Zn2 and VITAPOL -Cul) to prevent these diseases and form a stronger immune system.

APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses).
VITAPOL powder: Mix 0,5% VITAPOL into the feed if no problems have emerged after weaning.
VITAPOL-Zn2: Mix 0,5 % into the feed.
VITAPOL Cul: Mix 1,0 % into the feed until the 12th week.
Recommended products: VITAPOL powder

A weakened and unsatisfactory immune system of porkers may cause illnesses of organs and intestinal tract. The appropriate application of our products prevents and decreases immune system problems like higher feed utilization, non-unified weight of animals, longer breeding periods and more medicine costs. All these problems mean economic loss.

Recommended products: VITAPOL powder, VITAPOL-Cu05, VITAPOL-Zn2

The positive effects we have summarized in paragraph “PIGLETS” result in shorter breeding periods, less feed, and less medicines. At the same time we can expect better meat-fat ratio which means better quality animals. We recommend adding VITAPOL powder during the complete period in 0,5-1% quantity. Depending on the special problems or conditions we also recommend using our VITAPOL -Zn or VITAPOL -Cu products.

APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses).
VITAPOL powder: Mix 0,5-1,0% VITAPOL into the feed.
VITAPOL-Cu05: Mix 0,5% into the feed.
VITAPOL-Zn2 powder: Mix 0,5% into the feed.

During the complete feeding period of breeding-animals we recommend to use our variety of products. Our long term experience has proved that the economical application of VITAPOL products help produce vital animals with strong immune systems and protect them against illnesses while assuring excellent heredity characteristics.

Please always consult our experts when choosing the most effective and most economical application forms and products. We have several test results that are available upon request.




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