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To exploit the genetic capabilities of milking cows we have to supply the necessary energy, protein and fibers in necessary ratios. It is especially important to supply the appropriate amount of minerals, micronutrients and vitamins. The general health state determines quality and quantity of milk so the high level of immunesystem has economical interest. Preventive application of our products ensures good quality milk with less medicines and antibiotics.

- Improves general health state of calves (satisfactory Iron level in blood, and newborn calves will avoid diarrhea problems)
- Improves conditions of calving (no spontaneous abortion and paresis, no placenta retention)
- Stimulate uterine involution and improves fertility index
- Increases live birth cases and helps to embed embryos
- Decreases the time between two calving periods
- Decreases risk of rumen acidosis (by fast regeneration of rumen after calving)
- Increases milk production by 10-15%
- Decreases latent and clinical pneumonia cases so somatic-cell numbers will be satisfactory
- Decreases medicine costs
- Decreases the effects of the so called heat-stress
- Continuous preventive application of our products deceases the numbers of shin-diseases caused by Laminitis and Mortellaro bacteria (because of the acidosis of rumen)
- Protects proteins from decomposition in rumen (protein protection effect)
- Inactivate and remove mycotoxins from the intestinal system

Recommended products: VITAPOL powder, VITAPOL-Zn2
APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses)
VITAPOL powder: Add 100g/animal VITAPOL into the feed continuously from 3-4 week before calving
VITAPOL-Zn2: Add 100g/animal VITAPOL-Zn2 into the feed continuously. Especially recommended in case of skin diseases where antiviral and fungicide effects of humic acids will also be exhibited.

General health state of calves is especially important. The strength of calves’ immune system determines the resistance against illnesses and the intensity of development. The preventive and therapeutic application of our products solves the following problems:

- Improves general health state and immune system
- Prevents and stops bacterial and virus origin diseases of digestive and respiratory tract
- Prevents and stops diarrhea problems and lack of appetite
- Improves vitality, calves will be more vigor
- Improves the uptake of milk and feed, fur will be shinier
- Improves weight development because of stronger immune system
- Decreases mortality and numbers of medical applications and costs
- Improves the consistency of feces which will be thicker and less smelly, litter will be dry for a longer time

Recommended products: VITAPOL powder
APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the aght products and doses)
VITAPOL powder: Mix 1,0 % VITAPOL into the calf feed. (calculate on the total daily feed)

The feeding period of cow-calf starts from the 1st year and lastgi 6th month of pregnancy. During this period the good quality enriched feeds are preferred.

Recommended products: VITAPOL powder
APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses)
VITAPOL powder: Add 100g/animal/day VITAPOL from the 3rd-4th week before calving. VITAPOL stimulate the formation of rumen tissue and minimize cases of spontaneous abortion, stillborn cases and retention of placenta and paresis.

Young-cattle-breeding is one of the determinant parts of cattle breeding. In this breeding period milk production and reproduction parameters can be affected. Young- cattle-breeding period is the period from the weaning to the first calving. One of the most important feeding targets in this period is to produce well developed and vital cattle until the first calving. The overdosed feed will cause a faster growth but sometimes may cause biological reproduction problems and birth problems during calving.

- Our long term application experience of VITAPOL product has proved more effective against oestrus and less cases of so called fictive oestrus. At the same time the oestrus symptoms can be realized more easily.

Recommended product: VITAPOL powder
APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses)
VITAPOL powder: Mix 50g/animal VITAPOL into the feed or pour on the surface of feed from 3-4 weeks before calving. VITAPOL assures minerals and micro nutrients for the development of a strong immune system.

Good animal feed utilization of poor nutrient containing fodders is especially important during this period of breeding. By the application of our products we can improve animal feed utilization and higher the level of energy in fodder.

- Better feed utilization ratio
- Calmer animals
- Shorter breeding and fattening periods
- Less medicines are necessary

Recommended product: VITAPOL powder
APPLICATION: (please consult our experts when choosing the right products and doses)
VITAPOL powder: Mix 100g/animal/day VITAPOL into the feed.

Please always consult our experts when choosing the most effective and most economical application forms and products. We have several test results that are available upon request.




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